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A Deepak Chopra technique, called Primordial Sound Meditation,where you receive  your own personal silent Mantra, this is based on the vibration of the universe at the time and place of your birth, and its unique to you. Using Vedic mathematic formulas, your own mantra, a specific vibration will help  you to quiet the mind and enter a state of awareness and peace. 

A very easy and effortless technique, where regular meditation  twice a day will transform your life!

I am a certified teacher, and my passion is to help others bring balance and harmony into their lives.

Meditation Courses

" Meditation is a journey from activity into silence"


How meditation can help you!

  • Too many demands?

  • Do you feel burnt out?

  • Struggling with emotions?

  • Feeling Stressed or

  • anxious?

  • Wanting peace and calm in your life?

  • Searching for purpose or clarity?

  • Struggling with relationships, health, and wellbeing


You see as our stress accumulates; we notice our lifestyle becomes out of balance as does our physiology. Learning to meditate is a tool that will help you release stress and soothe your nervous system.

By practicing regular meditation and integrating it into your daily life you begin to transform and start to promote healing in your body and mind.

Meditation is a journey from activity to silence. We begin to discover who we really are and start to strip away our conditioned layers and set our minds free.


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* The practice of Meditation is easy and effortless to learn!
* It does not require any specific religious belief.
* Meditation isn’t about stopping our thoughts or trying to empty our mind.
* The benefits can come relatively immediately.
* Meditation is a tool for self-discovery.


I’m Karin and I have been meditating for 20 years.

Life is not always smooth sailing for the most of us (including myself). Tragedy struck our family many years ago now, which changed our lives overnight. Pushing through dark days, unable to see the fog lift, I knew something had to change.


And it did when I found meditation, I knew I was home.

After trying different styles of Meditation, I discovered Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation. I saw subtle shifts in my life where I just knew this was the right style for me.


I was fortunate to enjoy one of Deepak Chopra’s retreats in the USA, then I went on to complete my teacher training through the Deepak Chopra Centre. I am now a certified teacher/coach.  I have seen the benefits of meditation.

With my own life experiences and teacher training, I can help you to start living in balance and harmony, so your lives, relationships and health all become easier.

"Thoughts are a natural part of meditation"

Read what my clients say

Emma M.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for locals, Karins dedication to her source of inner peace makes her classes beautiful to learn in. Inspired!!"

Vicki C.

"Karin, thankyou so  so  much for the beautiful meditation this morning. You truly have a unique gift and  a mesmerizing voice. Cant wait for next week to feel that calm again."


"A great introduction to meditation

with excellent guidance from Karin. Her classes are taught with honesty & positive mindfulness which has provided me with greater benefits in self care for my wellbeing."

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